May 14, 2014
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Major Renovations Without the Major Headaches

Major renovations take all forms. Some homeowners only want to redo one room; others want more extensive renovations that may involve replacing all of the windows with impact glass, moving walls, changing the flooring throughout, or building an entirely new wing.

Being a successful homebuilder, Landmark Custom Homes has experience completing projects of every imaginable size, including major renovations. The key to our success has been meticulous planning and on-site supervision, so the homeowner understands every step throughout the process. That way, we can present an accurate prediction for the scope of the work, ensure that there are minimal surprises, and complete the project on time and on budget.

We often offer consultation before an older home is even purchased, so the potential buyer knows what a major renovation might entail and cost. Consequently, the buyer can decide if the home is actually a good value when weighed against buying a brand-new home.

Landmark Custom Homes even renovates custom homes that our company originally built. Even though they were constructed using the very latest materials and techniques at the time, typically after a decade or so, as new and better materials have become available, a renovation may be in order.

Nobody knows that home better than Landmark Custom Homes, so there’s a major advantage to using us for the renovation. We already have an intimate working knowledge of the plan, how the home was constructed, and the overall intent of the design. As a result, the renovation will go smoother and according to expectations.

In fact, Landmark Custom Homes is one of the few builders with the experience to understand all the complexities involved in the process of renovating any home. We have expertise working with a wide array of home styles and plans, as well as with various types of construction. We know construction inside and out, and there’s nothing beyond our capabilities.

We are happy to work directly with a homeowner or their consultants or we can recommend several designers that would be ideal for the renovation. Landmark Custom Homes has longstanding relationships with many of South Florida’s most esteemed designers, including Susan Lachance Interior Design, The Weiss Design Group, Perla Lichi Interiors and Decorators Unlimited, all of whom have distinct styles.

Whether we work directly with you as a homeowner or together with a team of consultants, Landmark Custom Homes will help coordinate, schedule and execute the construction of your renovation. With Landmark Custom Homes, you can be confident that every detail will be handled thoughtfully and expertly. So if it’s time to upgrade or renovate your home, contact Landmark Custom Homes.