February 8, 2014
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GC vs Homebuilder

The advantages of an experienced homebuilder far outweigh those of a general contractor.

While some people use the terms “general contractor” and “homebuilder” to mean the same thing, they’re actually very different. Sure, both of them can deliver a finished home but the big difference is the process of how they go about it.

A general contractor or GC usually gets involved when it’s time to start construction. The GC’s main focus is to complete the project, while overseeing the sub-contractors and making sure everything is built according to your plans. Unlike a homebuilder, the general contractor doesn’t get involved in the selection of the lot, the home’s design or drawing up the plans. The services of a general contractor are usually more limited than what’s offered by a homebuilder, especially an experienced homebuilder like Landmark Custom Homes.

As a homebuilder, one of the primary goals of Landmark is to form a relationship with our clients right up front, so we can provide you with support and trusted advice throughout the entire process. It’s a more holistic and involved process. With every step under one roof, the process becomes seamless and the lines of communication remain open. Landmark can help you choose the ideal lot and select all the members of the team, including the architect, surveyor, interior designer and everyone else needed to complete the home.

The complex process of planning and constructing a new home is much easier and less stressful with an experienced homebuilder in your corner. It can also save you valuable time and considerable money because you’ll be making informed decisions every step of the way.

If you’ve never built a home from scratch before, you may not completely understand just how complicated it can be, or how advantageous it is to hire Landmark Custom Homes, a seasoned homebuilder, instead of a general contractor.