August 9, 2014
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Low Cost Upgrades For Your Kitchen

If you’re living on a tight budget, you’re probably cutting back on new additions to the home that aren’t considered vital or life-changing. Most people are more likely to upgrade their TV than anything in their kitchen, which is too bad. Kitchen upgrades don’t need to be pricey, though, and most of the time they end up paying for themselves.

Low Cost Kitchen UpgradesBefore you go out and upgrade your Roku box or laptop, check out some of these low-cost solutions for modernizing and adding value to your home via kitchen upgrades:

Wireless Outlets

Want to make using appliances more convenient and cost-saving? Purchase some new outlet upgrades that allow you to “unplug” your devices from the outlet with the press of a button. The power that is used when a device is not in use, also known as “phantom power”, will really add up if you choose to leave everything plugged in. As much as a third of all power used is attributed to phantom power—that’s money down the drain.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint is a really easy way to transform a room’s look and feel. Certain colors, like yellow, light gray, and green can make a kitchen look bigger and improve the confidence of a cook (trust us, cooking is all about comfort levels). Don’t feel bad for not being able to install new cabinets or countertops, get a new look that will literally make you look at your kitchen in a new way.

New Floors

This goes well with a new paint scheme, completing the top-to-bottom visual transformation. New floors are another affordable way to increase the value of your home, as well.

Knobs, Handles, Racks, and Etc.

Accessories are cheap, but also very practical ways to upgrade your kitchen. New knobs on all the cabinets and drawers can breathe new life into a cabinet design that is aging. Adding some new drying racks, spice racks, hooks, and hangers can make organizing and aesthetics better, overall.

New Facet

You can really wow your guests if you upgrade your faucet to a new modern model. Having a powerful, detachable, and temperature-sensitive faucet brings a whole new comfort into the kitchen. Who knows, maybe it will even encourage the rest of the family to clean their plates more often?

Add or Change your Lights

Recessed lighting, energy-efficient LED lights, and articulated arm lamps work great for improving kitchen lighting. Dim kitchens look ugly, even with nice cabinets and appliances. Take some time to do a little interior decorating research and you’ll be able to make your kitchen shine, literally.